Total entries in database: 37,065 people with 3,333 Distinct Surnames
Last Time Program Used: 09/20/2018 02:20 Local Server Time     
Last Program Modification: 09/15/2014 14:19 Local Server Time

Most Recent Addition or Change to collection was on
05/07/2018 18:22 Local Server Time to {5791} Natalie Paige Dellamano
Last Person in the database: {37111} Ruben Andazola

Display Family Group Sheet of a Person
(Last Code Revision: 8/27/2014)
Surname occurances
(Last Code Revision: 9/15/2014)
List all Surnames in database plus their Soundex, then gives the ability to list all records of a selected Surname.
Search for names [Names, Surnames and Maiden]
(Last Code Revision 8/14/2014)

Search the given-name, maiden and surname fields. When searching the surname & maiden name fields, an exact match is done; the given-name field is done with a close match
Search Place fields [birth, marriage and death]
(Last Code Revision 3/13/2014)

Good tool to use when searching for a City, County, State or Country (all States are abbreviated)
Search for Text in Comment Fields
(Last Code Revision 12/10/2013)

Some records have text in the comment field. This tool will search through all records for a string in that text.
List all known siblings for a given person
(Last Code Revision 8/3/2013)
Determine relationship between two people
(UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Last Code Revision: 5/17/2014)
List up to 13 generations of parents, grand parents, et al. for a given person [Use caution with this program.]
(Last Code Revision 3/23/2014)

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